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Diesel Equipment Technology

The Diesel Program is unavailable at this time. However, we are in the process of trying to implement the program. This program may be approved base on demand. If you are interested in the Diesel program please complete the application.

The following is a summary of the skills that will be taught.

· Fundamentals of Diesel Engine Technology – proper use of hand and power tools

· Diesel Engine Components – basic engine components, primary functions, service, inspections, and assembly procedures.

· Diesel Support System – lubricating, cooling, and charging systems, engine retarders, fuel systems, and governor operation.

· Fundamentals of Industrial Equipment Mechanics – measurements and calculation, tools, fasteners, lubrication and bearings, mechanical and belt drives, and mechanical alignment and vibration.

· Electronic Engine Control – electronic control modules, electronic fuel injection, and electronic control test equipment.

· Fundamentals of Welding Technology – welding terms and processes.

· Electrical Maintenance – electrical theory and calculations, electrical tools and instruments, electrical symbols and diagrams, industrial power and control circuits electrical equipment and devices, electrical motors, and an introduction to programmable logic controllers.

· Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems – hydraulic principles, practical application of hydraulic system, pneumatic principles and practical application of pneumatic systems.

. Steering and suspension diagnostic and repair.

. Brakes and wheel changing.

· Safety – OSHA safety instruction and general safety

Mingo Extended Learning Center
Adult Diesel Technology Education
Rt. 2, Box 52-A
Delbarton, WV 25670
Phone: 304-475-3347, Ext. 25

Diesel Technology Application

This program is designed to provide a balance of industry skills necessary to find employment in today’s competitive market. Students must possess a GED or high school diploma to enroll in this program. This in a 1260 hour course and runs from August through May.


Call 304-475-3347, ext. 25 for information on tuition and fees.

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